Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 19: Pumpkins

I carved pumpkins for Halloween today. Kayla and Anya helped a little with scooping out the seeds. Kayla hates to get dirty or sticky so every time she got the pumpkin goo on her hands she had to run and wash them off... so she wasn't much help. Anya on the other hand didn't find the task very interesting and decided to play with her doll and stroller instead. I was so excited about all the yummy pumpkin seeds I was going to have to snack on. I washed them and then placed the seeds in the oven to dry. Once they were done drying I turned the oven off... or so I thought, until I smelled something burning several minutes later. Instead of turning it off, I had accidentally turned the knob to broil instead... so much for my pumpkin seeds... they were scorched :( Oh well there is always next year.


Meg said...

Love the pumpkins!!

I won't get to carve this year with everything so close to the wedding -- no time! On my blog page though is the picture of the one I carved last year in NC paying homage to my alma mater, hehe.

Tinchen said...

I love the pumpkins! The pumpkin with the spiderweb is great! I wish you a nice time!


Katie Smith said...

I carved the same one with the spider web!!!! :)