Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 21: Unlucky Lizard

Here in Florida one of the most common and abundant creatures around are the little green or brown lizards. When you step outside you can see them just about anywhere you look. Personally I think they are cute and since they don't bite or cause any problems (besides pooping all over my patio) they don't bother me at all. Because they are always around, it is quite fun for little children...or try to catch them. Most of the time the lizards are too quick and scurry off before being caught. However that's not always the case. And should one be unlucky enough to end up in the hands of a small child it almost always means certain death for the lizard.

This little guy was caught by Luis the 3 year old son of our good friends during a Birthday Party this afternoon. Dan took the opportunity to have his picture taken with the terrified lizard.

Luis had a wonderful time "playing" with his new friend for over an hour... although I can't imagine the lizard felt the same way.

When he was just too exhausted from trying to get away the lizard even tried playing dead several times, but little Luis wasn't fooled by the lizard's tricks and wasn't letting him go.
However, on a happy note, the unlucky lizard's luck did turn around and unlike in most cases he managed to escape with his life when Luis wasn't looking. To live happily ever after :)

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