Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 47: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year…probably the best one in 4 years! There were two main reasons for that…#1 the kids were finally old enough to sit at the table without fussing and making too big of a mess and #2 they all played nicely and kept themselves busy while the adults relaxed and talked. Dan’s aunt Wanda made a delicious turkey dinner for all of us and it was so nice to sit in peace and enjoy everyone’s company. Hopefully the kids can keep up this good behavior for Christmas dinner a well.

Caught Red Handed! Anya sneaking soup noodles when she thinks no one is looking.

Kayla got lots of lovies from her cousin Allison all day!!!

Group Photo: Kayla, Allison, Dan, Anya and Andrew

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Katie Smith said...

What cuties! That Allison is adorable. Where was this? Do I know Aunt Wanda?