Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 34,35,36 and 37: Sick Family!

We found out on Friday that everyone of us has Strep Throat. In addition Kayla has a double ear infection and Dan has Bronchitis. So we pretty much spent the entire weekend couped up in the house on antibiotics. Luckily we all found out at the same time and didn't drag this on for weeks and weeks passing it from one person to another. Also we have a busy weekend coming up... a Wedding on Saturday and Ashley's 7th Birthday Party on Sunday... so we got over all this sickness just in time!
The picture I took is from yesterday (Sunday). Dan sat on our bed to put his socks and shoes on and the bed collapsed!!! I was laughing my ass off while he just laid there in disbelief. The next two hours were spent fixing the bed... but now it squeaks because of all the screws so its a little annoying. Oh well, it will do for now until we get a new more sturdy bed.
Note: It was my side of the bed that collapsed so Dan says that I'm the one who actually broke it :)~

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Meg said...

Now when this happened...did you have your camera on hand, or did you make him wait, in that same position, until you ran to get it? Cause the latter is something I would do to Matt, hehe.

"Hold still, hon...lemme get the camera first. :-P