Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 26: Mall Fun

After two days of nothing but gray cloudy skies the sun finally came out today... and it was wonderful. I really think that I run on solar energy because when the sun is not shinning my body and brain totally shut down and I become a different person. The smallest things annoy me and I feel like crying all day... so luckily for everyone around me today that was not the case. I was actually able to function and get things done which is always good. Kayla talked me into going to the mall to play on the indoor playground. The girls got to run around and have fun while I munched on my yummy veggie sub from Subway... something that I only crave when I'm pregnant. Daddy met up with us after work and after a ride on the merry go round we headed home to get the girls ready for bedtime.

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Katie Smith said...

I totally know what you mean by running on solar energy! I am not looking foward to the winter:( I will probably need some good Fl sun before my usual visit:)