Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 22: Pretty Kitties

Today was pretty uneventful. We went out to eat for Breakfast... which is very unusual because of Anya's inability to sit still for longer than 30 seconds. But Dan promised to take care of her the entire time... and to our surprise she was fairly well behaved. Other than our morning outing that's about it for this rainy Sunday.

So since I didn't have anything else to take a picture of for the day I decided to take one of our kitties Sasha (dark face) and Lexie(light face). They are pure breed Tonkinese cats. We got them from the same litter... I picked out Lexie and Dan liked Sasha best... but the funny thing is that Lexie turned out to be Dan's cat and loves him the best and Sasha is attached to me and follows me around everywhere. They are very smart, outgoing, active and affectionate kitties. I would say that they are as close to a dog as you can get...except better because they don't need to go outside to "do their business". They can even play fetch :)~

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